Sunday, 5 September 2010

Is lying the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off?

So I'm making this self portrait out of clay for my HIGHER LEVER IB ART CLASS (it makes me feel more talented when I emphasise it like that).
So far I look like a potato that came out of an elephant's arse.

That's not what I want to talk about though, today is devoted to... lies. I've always believed that lying is completely human. Everyone does it, whether they want to or not, whether they believe it's right or not. I've always told people "it's okay if you lie to me, I'll probably lie to you too."
Thing is, I don't mind lying as long as I never find out.
But then once, last week, I did. And that hurt. It's worse when it's something petty. Like "I have to catch a train" when really you just don't want to hang out (though that didn't happen, it's just an example). Now I've completely changed my POV, my opinion.

Don't lie. Unless it's to a teacher, you know, my dog ate my homework. Or to a parent- yeah I was having coffee with my friends when really you were at the motel two blocks away, getting your mind blown (or other things). Those things are better left unsaid.
"I didn't do anything" oh yeah? Apparently you got your dick sucked.
"I have to go" oh yeah? You're still outside.
JUST TO POINT OUT, these are examples, they have not happened to me.

So now... I think people should just talk. I've also believed that lying is not the same as not telling the truth. That you can always just shut up, but that, THAT hurts just as bad.
I think, and I have completely changed my opinion, that honesty is best in certain situations.

And you know what?
I'm going to stick to that from now on. Okay, okay, maybe it's nice to pretend and all- but not when there's a potential to hurt someone. Savvy?

Kristiina no lie no more (excludes teachers and family members).

Regina Spektor has all the answers. Seriously.