Thursday, 26 August 2010

You know school's not going to go well if it's the 3rd day and you've been yelled at multiple times, broken your fagban and you end up home an hour later than you should, dripping wet and 60e short.
I have a good feeling about this year.

But no one really cares about that. You all just want to hear scandalous things, but I'm not giving you that. Not this time.
This time I want to mention Jean Luc Godard and his brilliant films, and if you haven't watched them I really think you should. Try subtitles. Only if you like old films

I also want to mention high contrast drum 'n' bass. So repetitive, so good.
I'm not going to party on X till 4am and find myself somewhere I shouldn't. Obviously.

I'm totally blank, I have nothing to offer this time. I have no drive to do my homework, which Mr de Brown (because I can't spell his name) is expecting in tomorrow morning.
It's cool, maybe I'll actually pass then.

And that's it.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Drunk Bernard

I pinned all my tickets to my door, and all my clothes to the floor. My curtain has a hole where the moon is at midnight.
So I can look at it and smile to begin a conversation like we used to when we were young.

I keep all the keys I find in a Twinings tea tin. Some are rusty and some are clean. One of them has a pink rubber band over it, and I'm guessing it belonged to little school girl who dropped it on her way to her daily routines.

My wallet is my grandmother's, or was before she gave it to me. The zipper doesn't work and all my loose change scattered to the floor when I opened my wallet to get out my Visa card that doesn't work so I could bye useless things that I like to hide.

You blast your headphones at 100% to block out your mind. You've been working hard to be regular but now you're falling behind.

So I'm stepping up.
I'm a total push over.
It's okay, it's fine, I understand.

Time to man up. Just enough to not get stepped over.
Sometimes I'm so worried and so nervous I forget to breathe. Foolish child. Only because I don't speak when it matters.
Sticking up. Understanding is over, I'm done. I'm not letting you walk on me with those sweet feet, so I'll stand up.

This is why we fight.

I nailed my mirror to the wall, but I'm too short to see myself. I have to move my mirror, or grow up a bit.

I thought by now you'd be better than you are.

I think I've forgotten.
Boys and girls watch each other eat when they only want to watch each other sleep.
Addicted to hands and feet.
I used to not get touched, and now I'm touched all the time.

Insert smile.

Friday, 6 August 2010

Unruly poetry is a waste of time, really.

Ambition is a freedom of will.
Modeling for commercial purposes is like bad art.
Holding tongue.
Ambition for commercial purposes is a bad art.
Lack of ambition is not a talent.
Presence of it is less so.

Ambition will tear us apart,
Unless love gets us first.
A bad art, not aesthetically unpleasant but emotionally unpresent.
You will fall apart,

Financial success is naught but a curse.
An aesthetic career serves no purpose
But not at the end,
When holding on to pillows and nurse's hands.
That's the good art,
Your commercial last breath leaving.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

What I want to know

I'm going to be discussing a series of topics of which I haven't exactly honestly expressed my opinion of. Religion is always easy to write about since I dislike it so much, and anger and dislike are always easy emotions to decipher. In the future I'll be covering such things as drugs, school, society, ambition, and all sorts of fun things.


Sex is always interesting to write and read about, isn't it?
I recently spoke of this with a friend of mine. We are both girls, and yes, we are both fairly young.
Sex often comes with side effects, or side emotions, such as guilt or shame. These are very common with religious association and societal influences. Why, though? Sex among animals is frequent and not confined to one partner. Sex is a physical process that begins, lasts, and ends, and often results in offspring.
Luckily for us, we can prevent having children.

Anyway, I'll stop explaining all this and get to the point: many say sex is a magical and beautiful thing. I say it's not. I'm not saying it's the opposite or that it can't be magical or beautiful, since I for one, love it. But I do think that whoever says it's to be given only to people you're in a relationship with, or you love, or god forbid, one person only, are mistaken and missing out. Obviously I'm not saying that I sleep with random guys from random places- I don't. I'm saying, if you know your partner and make sure to be protected, and are not in a monogamous relationship already, there is nothing wrong with having sex with someone. There is definitely nothing wrong with having sex with someone you're in a relationship with, even if you've been together for a day, or even before you were together, kids. And I know people tell you it's not responsible, but as long as you're prepared (condoms kids, condoms) there's nothing wrong with it.

I find sex to be like a good conversation. You share something perhaps intimate with someone you probably know, and then it's over, you're left with the memories of that brilliant conversation (though sometimes... it's a dud). If you're lucky, you can keep speaking to that person for a while ;)
However if you're in a relationship, where you've agreed not to be polyamorous, it's obviously not right. Once you're in a relationship sex takes on a new meaning. It's still sex, but it's part of that relationship. It's no longer a conversation with someone you know, it's more than that.
But once it's over, or before it began...
It doesn't matter. Enjoy it, but be safe and... well, preferably be mostly sober.

I don't think that the amount of partners you've had makes you a slut or a manwhore or whatever you call each other nowadays, and neither does the amount of people you've fallen in love with (which is far more dangerous for your mental health). What makes that difference is lying. 

Sex is not restricted to a number of people, size, looks, gender, though place may sometimes be an issue.

Love is not a gift, it is a commodity, and as sharing is caring, we should be allowed to share love, physical or emotional, with anyone and everyone we wish.
Let's be sluts.
Except for now, I'll be sticking to one person.

Sounded more like a lecture, really. I'll do a better job next time.
If you guys have any suggestions on what to come up with an opinion for, tell me in the comments :)