Thursday, 26 August 2010

You know school's not going to go well if it's the 3rd day and you've been yelled at multiple times, broken your fagban and you end up home an hour later than you should, dripping wet and 60e short.
I have a good feeling about this year.

But no one really cares about that. You all just want to hear scandalous things, but I'm not giving you that. Not this time.
This time I want to mention Jean Luc Godard and his brilliant films, and if you haven't watched them I really think you should. Try subtitles. Only if you like old films

I also want to mention high contrast drum 'n' bass. So repetitive, so good.
I'm not going to party on X till 4am and find myself somewhere I shouldn't. Obviously.

I'm totally blank, I have nothing to offer this time. I have no drive to do my homework, which Mr de Brown (because I can't spell his name) is expecting in tomorrow morning.
It's cool, maybe I'll actually pass then.

And that's it.

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  1. Hmm. I will check out Jean Luc Godard. Have been wanting to for a while now. But got exams. In November high school will be officially over forever for me. So I'll have time. :) Do you like Fellini's films? 'cause they're awesome.

    And Dubstep + House = <3