Saturday, 20 November 2010

Finding all sorts beautiful

It's been a while since I shared music. Here's a very nice playlist of some dnb (drum & bass) and mellow dubstep that I find extemely beautiful.

  1. Heavy Metal (TGunn remix) by Deep Focus: (original is great as well, and would be on this list if it weren't for the repetitiveness).
  2. Beautiful Lies by B-Complex:
  3. Starlight by Netsky:
  4. 2-1 (Murdok remix) by Imogen Heap:
  5. Killing for Love (Beatfanatic remix) by Jose Gonzalez:
  6. Windows by Mutated Forms and Netsky:
  7. Space Time by Delta Heavy:
  8. Deepest Blue by Memro:
  9. Chance by Tarot:
  10. Pass Out (Stinkahbell Spliff remix) by Tinie Tempah:
Hope you check them out, some may tickle your fancy, or punch you in the fanny, whatever rocks your boat.
Have a nice day, ladies and fellas.

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