Friday, 17 December 2010

Pretty Little Thing

Pretty little thing,
Your pretty little mouth's been cut up
And your pretty little eyes are quiet.

Your little mouth
Is in pretty pieces, and they have tried
To turn you into a jew.

Your pretty bleeding
Mouth, and your throat are pretty dry
From all the pork pork pork they shoved down.

You're a pretty jew
Or converted, for only a jew can be cut up
And made to chew chew chew their little sin and their own skin.

Pretty little thing,
It's called a cat that cut you up
When your pretty parents are holding the knife.

Your little mouth,
Coughing and spitting the sins and the ham
And the jew inside you is screaming.

Your pretty bleeding
Heart, and your head hanging low
It's called a pretty cat with pretty a sharp claw.

You're a pretty little jew,
Or not a jew in fact at all, you all love a jew
But your pretty little mouth's been cut up, and you're made to chew chew chew.

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