Saturday, 27 July 2013


I am in a place between lands, worlds, and people. I am not living in any one place, I am staying there. I am not homeless in the sense that I have no roof on my head; I am homeless in the sense that I have no home. I do not belong anywhere.

I search in other lands, with other people, changing them like outfits to see which one is just right. I am 20. I am young, and have plenty of time to search. Yet I am weary, and tired.

I found it once, and it was taken away from me.

The solution was easy; return to the motherland. By this I mean Africa. The origin of man. Sterkfontein. Let's start close to there and move onwards, find a home to have a child and die. This is life, isn't it? Spend a lifetime searching for something that you finally realise doesn't exist.
My belief is eternal. I will be an exception to the rule.

I am reluctant to join the life of a student. I am not a student, not anymore. Perhaps I can find a friend.

I just want to feel that earth in between my fingers and the heat of the dry sun on my skin and sit. I just want to be content and forget for a while.

That is it.

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