Friday, 16 July 2010

Hobo and a girl

7pm. Still light.
It was raining lightly, but that didn't bother the hobo because he was downing his however-bloody-manyeth beer of the day. He wore his matrix-esque sunglasses slightly askew, possibly due to lack of attention rather than by intent. Lighter, ciggarette, mouth, draw, puff, sigh, sip, repeat.
A girl walked through the park the hobo was spending his time in, with blonde hair and red lips, brown trousers and a tye dye shirt, taking a short cut home because the city was getting boring. The hobo liked her look, or in his drunken stupor thought he did.
"Hey Marilyn, hey you you look like Marilyn Monroe!"
The girl kept on walking as if she hadn't heard a thing. The hobo thought she hadn't heard a thing. He wobbled up and set his beer down, which immediately spilled but the hobo didn't notice.
He grabbed her arm and said, as charmingly as he could, "Hey, you look like Marilyn Monroe. You're fucking beautiful." The girl looked scared, until a second later she said, "I'm sorry, I don't speak Finnish."
"Oh you're foreign well well well I like I love you let's go" He began pulling her.
"No, fuck off!" The hobo was startled, and for a second looked like he was about to cry. His big belly wobbled as he slouched, and the girl almost apologised for being so rude. Then the alcohol elevated his brain to a whole new level of emotion, this being anger. His face wrinkled in concentration and as the girl was about to open her mouth with an "I'm sorry but I really have to go" he drove his fist as hard as possible into her stomach.

Poliisi ei ole autoriteetti.
The police has no authority.
No kyllä ne vielä täällä päin sut putkaan voi laittaa.
Well they can still stick you in jail here.
Nii mut ei ne mun päätä koskaan valtaa.
Yes, but they'll never get into my head.

The hobo stood still, shocked as the girl stopped breathing and collapsed on her knees. Ohshitohshitohshitfuckfuckfuck. There was no one there to see, he walked back to his bench, calmly took the rest of his beers and lit another cigarette, and walked away.
The girl waited for her breathing to go back to normal, got up, and went home.

Pittää mennä kottiin kattoo stargatea! Mutten mää viiti ku siellä on se Eve.

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