Friday, 23 July 2010

I'm a die hard for love

Hey kids it's been a while. I've fully forgotten the hobo incident, have painfully removed my spontaneously acquaired fake nails and am eagerly waiting to get back to Holland.
In the past few weeks I've completely forgotten everything I am, in a weird strange way. I've been running around town doing Jim Morrison knows what with Nicki Minaj knows who (because I reject conventional religious figures).
I've turned myself into a bored, sit at home all day and stress, sort of person. Bitch please.

Sit down and teach me some rational functionalism relative to modern romanticism.
That would be good.
Or behavioural norms.

I miss you.

I want out of Finland, but for the time being I'll have to endure it. The more I run the further I'll get.
I've managed to forget all my school related things in Holland and thus cannot complete much of my assignments. I am royally


Somehow sometimes, in that realm between falling asleep and being awake I have a feeling that the world I was in before this one is racing past me at a hundred miles per hour while I'm lagging behind still tying my shoes.
But that's just my imagination speaking.

What I've forgotten about myself is that ultimately I live for love, knowledge and creativity, as those lovely indie hipsters put it. I may not excel in any 3, or I may indeed, but it's something I've forgotten.
I'm an average 17 year old, and I don't want to care about anything except what I like and what I want to care about. I've forgotten what I like because I've been trying to fit myself somewhere where I won't fall out of. Kids, I still like what I liked when I began Lifetime of Lightbulbs
Music (all kinds babe)
Cider, wine, shotsshotshots, but all in moderation
Love, sex and all the likes
Cinema, especially black and white, and French
Not being at home

Pretty standard, but I had to remember that. There's more but I'm sure you didn't even make it this far.
Now it's time to go enjoy sitting in the park with cranberry cider and enjoy not being in trouble any more.


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  1. Blake from America24 July 2010 at 00:50

    Despite my somewhat disgruntled opinion of indie hipsters, I have to agree that love, knowledge, and creativity are very fine things to live for.