Saturday, 5 February 2011

Awesome Cartoons I Go Back to When I Miss Being a Kid

  1. RUGRATS: Not only is it the ultimate of baby-dom, but it also contains humour and twist enough for 17-year old me to still enjoy. Besides, "dampylions" and "itchinations" and other such words definitely tickle my fancy.
  2. COW AND CHICKEN: The combination of disgusting and amusing totally makes me think of those times you try to wipe your snot on your best mate in kindergarten.
  3. TOM AND JERRY: There is obviously no explanation needed for this, obviously.
  4. DONALD DUCK: As a Finn, I'm excessively fond of Donald Duck, and anything bearing him just reminds me of waking up on Saturday mornings, having my cold chocolate (I hated warm... anything) some toast with cucumber and sitting down to watch the cartoons.
  5. DUCK TALES: Not to be confused with classic Donald Duck, you can't dislike the adventures of Duckberg! 

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