Tuesday, 15 March 2011


You ever feel like when you meet someone and you really care for them they kind of steal away a piece of you? Then when you lose them, whether they move away, die, stop talking to you, or you stop talking to them, you lose that little piece. You look for anything to bring it back.

I've always been fairly honest. If I'm not comfortable around you, I don't talk to you and I don't really...care. If I am, I'll be honest. I say stuff to my friends like "yeah you're annoying" and "you're being an idiot" and "you're a dickhead." Which is why I don't understand when someone needs to pull a "Gossip Girl" and post their opinions anonymously. Or backstabbers. I love when liars get caught in their own lies. It's lovely watching as they slowly crumble down into a miserable pile of debris. Eat that, bitch.

A week or so ago I said I needed to fix things, and I decided to start..with my hair. Coward's way out I suppose. So my hair now is brown, which I like very much since I have green eyes. Thanks to a relatively mid-low self esteem though, all the "was better blonde" comments get to me. But then I figured, well it's done now, might as well enjoy it to the fullest.
Might get me laid.
But then again
no. No one I want.
I think.

When I turned 11 my dad took me to Perth, Australia. There I met my dad's cousin's daughter's stepson, who was 12. We went to a waterpark and made fun of older girls and their bikinis. I remember, "boobs are gross." Oh how I love tits now. We slid down and walked up millions of stairs, and didn't care about how many children pissed in the water and how many dirty girls on their period were there. We just drank our pink and purple slushies until I had an asthma attack.
My perfect day ended in the hospital.
It was nice there as well.
I remember a dog with one eye. I don't remember his name but I fed it chicken. It drooled all over me and I got an allergic reaction but it was the best day of my life. He was brown, I think it was a he, and his owner was a knockoff of Morticia Adams.
Those were the best days of my life.

Oh and Tom, HI!

Concerning the future... I'd rather be happy for a few years than do something boring and hard for the rest of my life.
That is all.

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