Friday, 11 March 2011

Fuck you guys.

Hey, hi, I learnt a very valuable life lesson today.

Being nice gets you nowhere. 

If someone asks me for help and I'm capable of helping them and I have nothing against them, then I will, no questions asked. Since I can't handle awkward situations or disagreements I'll always try to fix them and be nice, "forgive and forget." Hi I'm Kristiina, I'm nice, unless I like you, then I make fun of you.
Worst one is, you may hurt me over and over and over but in the end I still give up, forget and make nice. You know what now?

Fuck you.

I might not be the brightest bulb in the lamp store, nor the prettiest, nor the funniest, nor the most entertaining, but I sure as fuck am not worth this. Always giving and giving and giving and doing and trying and making up and trying and trying and trying and getting slapped in the face.

Being nice gets you nowhere.
Being nice gets me nowhere.

So hey, break my heart, break it again, then one more time and I realise now why grown ups are so bitter and pessimistic. It's not "nice guys finish last" it's "nice people get used and abused." Sometimes you might even find someone to be nice, and then find out they're not. They turn out to be the most disrespectful, hurtful person you've ever met. A person who honestly doesn't care.
Well neither do I, but I did.

And then there's the friends, I like them too. The ones you talk to and smile with and laugh with, have dinner with sometimes. Help them with their work, because you can and you have nothing to lose. Why not? You're not bitter, because you don't expect anything in return.

But then you're not nice anymore, you're just stupid.

I've become stupid.

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