Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I'm having doubts as to whether the movie Doubt was supposed to be a joke or not. I can sum up this whole film in one sentence:
A nun finds out a priest is a paedophile and gets him to resign.
That's it. There are three good things about this film.
  • Mery Streep's acting
  • Overall acting
  • Opening credits
Other than that, the film is 1 hour and 15 minutes of Meryl Streep yelling at the priest, a nun, random children and the black kid's mum. The last 25 minutes consist of Meryl Streep guilttripping the paedophile priest, the priest resigning, and Meryl Streep crying. And about that, why the hell does she cry anyway?
"Oh Sister James, I had such doubts!" I'm guessing she's talking about god, but since she gives no explanation whatsoever we can't be sure. That statement also contradicts everything else Meryl Streep has said in the whole film, summarised in: "I HAVE MY CERTAINTY!" Why add that in? To make her seem vulnerable? I don't want to see vulnerable nuns, I want to see a badass Meryl Streep nun kicking paedophile ass.
The mother of the black kid (who's the one being eyeballed by the paedo-priest) seemed to think it was good for her son to be molested, and little innocent Sister James believed everything anyone told her. I bet you the paedo-priest could have walked up to her, told her that Meryl Streep is an escaped mental patient and she would have believed it. What a creep.
Other than that, I'm pretty sure the molested black kid said about 4 words in the whole film. The only thing I remember him saying is "You think I'm fat".
The only really good character through and through was the blind nun who got hit with branches. We all know we love to see old blind nuns getting hit with branches.
What sucks the most is that this had the potential to be such a good movie, despite my distaste of church/christians/religion.
1.5 out of 5.

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