Friday, 26 March 2010

Fridays are a joy

When I take tram number 20 or 25 in the morning, I go straight past a canal. I don't know if it's exactly a canal, but it's too small to be a river, and too big to be a stream, so the Canal it shall be. The Canal is surrounded by green, and modern art sculptures that even I, with my mind, don't understand. Bridges run over it, and pigeons swim around in it. A wrinkly, crooked tree is mourning over it. It's ignoring the bright sun, finally warming this place. The water is like liquid mercury. It's perfectly still. Not a ripple, not a sigh, nothing. I can see the perfect reflection of the tree, and the sculptures, and myself as I pass in the tram.

I especially like Fridays because I have 3 free periods, and then something we all call "TOK". TOK is a myth that only very very very gullible people believe. It's a lie. Kind of like god, except not that big.
Fridays are what I call my up days. Fridays and Thursdays sometimes too. Today my up day was spent swinging on swings, skipping TOK and smoking 2 joints and 2 packs of fags. Today was a good day. Except I got home, and paranoid as I was, threw away my last 3 fags and my crappy lighter. Nothing happened though. Nothing.

Yesterday I saw birds. The birds weren't there. They were produced by a mix of dehydration, period pain, passing out, paracetamol and hash (the tiniest amount though, so I'm convinced that the birds were due to other things). They flew in perfect patterns, one after the other. I saw them greet me after waking up in the school concierge's car. When I got out they weren't there. Wasn't the weed though, wasn't.

I got to find out my grades today as well. Finally. The school had sent them to the wrong address. Some poor bastard probably wondered who these funny named people are (Kristiina, Veli-Matti, what kinds of names are those?).
Here we go.
  • Math HL ... 5
  • Art HL ... 7
  • English A1 HL ... 7
  • French B SL ... 6
  • Biology SL ... 7
  • History SL ... 7
  • TOK ... 4
Except like I explained, TOK is a lie, and therefore is not counted.
Altogether: 39 points
Not bad for someone like me, I think. I'm quite content.
I'm 3 points away from a perfect score. But they'll go down. Biology will at least, of that I'm positive. I'm crap at biology. And logic. And math.

I think I need some cranberry juice now, and some Bridget Jones.

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  1. wow, you're doing really well on you're grades! just keep confident, okies? then you'll be ok :3