Sunday, 7 March 2010


I've been looking for a lot of music nowadays, and I've come across some that make my brain melt, and my heart beat faster. Some calm me down and some make me wish I lived on the moon, with a small solar powered arm chair, and that particular song blasting.
So for those who wish, here's a pretty awesome list. I've included the best song by that particular band (in my opinion) as well.

Some of you might know them from the hit e4 tv show, Skins. Specifically the song "When You Leave" which played somewhere in the 3rd season I think. However this band, and particularly this song is a beautiful and mellow shoegazing... almost ballad. Listen to it high and you'll fly, listen to it sober and you still will.

Air Traffic
It's got a snazzy sound. Kind of a I want to dance with you vibe. Reminds me a bit of the Killers, but just a bit. Good tunes to check out are Charlotte and Never Even Told Me Her Name.

Delay Trees
This is one of the only bands that I actually paid 2e for. I got 2 songs, and man they were worth it. The band calls itself a melodramatic popular indie band, and yet they haven't even reached 100 000 views on myspace. It doesn't matter to me, these Finnish boys make me proud. Check out Tarantula and Coral Wind.

Future of the Left
Alternative band from Wales. They've got a bit of a heavy sound, so not something I'd listen to every day but I find it enjoyable nonetheless. Good song: "Arming Eritrea".


The Go! Team
Introduced to me by my friend Theji. They're an indie/alternative/noise rock band from somewhere in the UK- not that it matters. A great song to listen to when wanting to jump around and be happy, and life can't get much better than this is "Huddle Formation". "The Ice Storm" is my favourite though. Also check "Grip like a vice".

"Just like them" and "Air conditioned heart"

Louis XIV
Post-punk revival/indie rock band from California, they've got the garage sound. The I don't really care if you like us or not, but we're damn good feel. They've got the guitar, and the almost talking when singing, and the almost random yells in the background. Then we get the husky girl/boy singing the chorus. Sounds cheap, might be so, but it sounds good. "Finding out true love is blind" and "Air traffic control".

"Revlon 9"

Portugal, the Man
Thanks to Irene for this. "Colours" and "Sugar Cinnamon".

So there's a few. I might randomly put some of these up sometime. But they're all good good good songs and all. So check it.


  1. You sound like someone who'd like the Mountain Goats.

  2. I do :p I've got Genesis 3:23 and no children. They're not in my top 50 though. :) But thanks :D

  3. Got a top 50, huh? Far more efofrt than I've ever put in.

  4. Well it's a sort of mental top 50 you know. I don't knwno the order but I know approximately what's in there :P

  5. The Mountain Goats is a more mature AJJ, and it is just as good if not better.