Sunday, 28 March 2010


Less scary images due to request by Timmy.
Feels weird though, these are all beautiful and great and I love flowers and things. I really do, I'm a girl after all but...
I like... odd. Sometimes.
I like... circus. And old. Old and vintage. I like black and white. I like beautiful. But I also like ugly. I like red. And orange, yellow, blue and green. And every colour of the rainbow.

I like flowers. I like white flowers, and snow. I like snow too but more than snow I love summer. I could live in summer. I like hyper moments and chaos for a minute. I like not being there all the time, and then being there all the time.

I like physical contact. I like fun. I like sex. I like alcohol. I like drugs, and I like my tobacco. I like fire and passion and speed. I like slow, sweet and mellow. I like maps, and I like road trips. I like burgers, Indian food, loud music and thunder. I like stars.

I like remembering things, but I like forgetting them also. I like feelings. I like getting caught up in feelings, but I hate drama. I hate gossip. Go gossip elsewhere. I love stealing away for those little moments I can remember. Or forget. I like water. I like sun and water, so I like the beach. I like love, and I like painting. I like painting love, a lot. I take photos, and I play songs (of course not well at all). I like salt and sugar and chili but I hate pepper.
And they say I like nothing at all.

Though I couldn't resist putting the last one on there


  1. Woohoo yay thanks ;P I figured I'd make an account to thaank you somewhat more personal thank you then passing it through alex. Please don't think of me as a stalker, it was alex's idea :P

  2. now that, timmy, is an absolute lie. *shifty look*

    I like it! the short sweet sentences and the pictures... Makes me think I'm watching a film, and at the end, it splices into the last picture xD t'was epic in my mind.