Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Voldemort vs Harry Potter

I had history class today, and as always when studying the second world war (or is it Second World War?), my wonderful, completely and utterly mad but wonderful teacher Mr Nugent (Miss-tur New-gent) finally came to the topic of HITLER AND THE JEWS.
As the 1.3 people who actually read what I bother writing know, Alex (known on blogspot as Morrie) and I are in the same school, grade, and guess fucking what? Same history class. Thus, the combination of both these unfocused, totally ADD minds brought into the sunlight (or cloudy gray light) this brilliant idea:
Wait no, that's not it.


Being a worshipper of the gods of linguistics and literature, of course I was an avid Harry Potter fan when I was younger (which was about 2 years ago to be quite honest) and well, I still am, though I must say that linguistically and literature-wise Harry Potter is in no way a masterpiece but those irrelevant uninteresting matters aside-
My mind tends to stray a lot (if you can't tell) and strayed again today. Voldemort and Hitler. I discussed it for about 2 minutes and 38 seconds with Alex, after which I promptly shut up due to the yells from Mr Nugent (SHHHHHHHHHHHH!).
However, the thought was not dismissed and, AND it continued. Alex created a brilliant list of similarities between Voldemort and Hitler, of which I completely approve. Here we go.

  • Had Jewish blood from his fathers side, contributing to his hate of Jews
  • Hated his father
  • Rejected by art schools
  • Had funny hair and moustache (mustache? moostache? moostash.)
  • Considered the purest Aryans to be the most superior humans, and then the mixed Aryans, then other white people (haha), then last and for him, least, the gypsies, gays, reta handicapped, jews, blacks, etc. Including popes and stuff.
  • Jews are impure, and wanted to pollute the Aryan race by interbreeding
  • Jews denied the right to go to school
  • Made a huge Nazi army
  • Befriended organisations to get support and then betrayed them
  • Concentration camps
  • Wanted to take over the world
  • Second World War
  •  Father was a muggle, thus contributing to his hatred of muggles/mudbloods/etc.
  • Hated his father
  • Denied a teaching possision at Hogwarts by Dumbledore
  • No hair and funny nose
  • Considered purebloods the supreme race, then halfbloods, and condemned muggles, mudbloods, squibs, etc.
  • Muggles/mudbloods etc. are impure, and wanted to pollute the pureblood race by interbreeding 
  • Mudbloods denied right to go to school
  • Huge Death Eater army
  • Befriended creatures (giants? need I say more?) and then betrayed them
  • Kidnapped people and then tortured them and/or killed them
  • Wanted to take over the world
  • War, ending in an epic battle at Hogwarts
Thus, in conclusion
And what an insult to Hitler. One of the most horrible terrible awful very bad villains in children's book history was inspired by him. Awful awful Hitler.
But seriously.

This is basically what JK Rowling did:
Wanted to kill:

So what did we learn today?


Note: this post is in NO WAY offensive. I have both jewish, gypsy as well as gay (if that's possible) blood and if you've been offended.. well, quite frankly- you're stupid and I don't give a fuck.

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  1. Self-love is entirely ok at this point. Straying is a lost art, and should be done more often. I mean, not even the best strayers would stray on this. I think, personally, this would be a job for stumblers, but then you'd never know what you'd get.

    ...huray for Hitmord/ Voldeler