Tuesday, 29 June 2010

i < 3 u
I don't understand... you can't have inequalities with imaginary numbers.

I still find it queer how those of us with the highest IQs are the ones who don't seem quite as smart.
But still seem the smartest of all.
Just maybe not academically.

I'm low on that scale.
Low on the need for reproduction. Like that.

This doesn't make much sense, it lacks in organisation. You'll have to excuse me.
Surely there's enough war to go around. You're not as complicated a jigsaw puzzle as you think, you just have a lot of pieces to be pieced together, and some of them look the same. A human eye can't distinguish between the shades.

It makes me shiver, this flow of information and knowledge.

And that is why I don't reproduce.
Or won't.
Or should not.
Not yet, anyway.

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