Thursday, 6 May 2010

DIY: Sequined Pumps

  1. Buy some cheap black pumps (I got mine from Dinsko, I think they were like 9e)
  2. Buy some sequins, mine are a very light shade of pink because I cut them out of a shirt I had. I think black, grey or white can also work here.
  3. Get a glue gun! Or some sort of leather/etc glue that sticks
  4. Stick them sequins all over that shit!
I only have a picture of my almost final ones, I still had to pick out all the random threads of glue hanging around.

I did mine in a sort of polka-dot fashion because I was going to run out of sequins. They also don't go around the whole shoe, just a little on the sides and front.
However, covering the whole shoe in sequins would also be quite cute, although I imagine it would take a while.
TIME: 30min-3hours depending on how much you do.

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