Tuesday, 18 May 2010

I have problems but I love me

In the past few days I've heard from multiple people that multiple people think I'm... what was it?
High Maintenance.

So I did a bit of googling, because I know that it's not a positive thing to be called. This is what I found:

1. Needs lots of time

2. Needs lots of effort

3. Are very fussy and particular

4. Are difficult and troublesome

5. Are annoying

6. Have high expectations of her partner or date

7. Will be quick to reject a person if those expectations are not met

8. Hard to please, not easily impressed

9. Takes forever to get ready

10. Something all but the most patient and tolerant men should avoid like the plague.”

And then I found:

1. If your purse holds more than 5 lbs of ESSENTIALS . . .

2. If you own more than 50 pairs of shoes . . .

3. If your make-up case is a double-decker toolbox from Sears . . .

4. If a small family could live in your closet . . .

5. If more than 3 items in your closet still have price tags . . .

6. If your jewelry box used to be a high-boy chest . . .

7. If you have more underwear than you can wear in 3 months . . .

8. If a weekend trip takes more than 1 piece of luggage . . .

9. If you spend more on hair products than groceries . . .

10. If your dry-cleaning bill is more than your car payment . . .

11. If you have a weekly Botox appointment . . .

12. If you’re still making payments on your last plastic surgery . . . 

Now, I know exactly the individuals who think I'm high maintenance. Now let me clear something up, the only things I am guilty of on those 2 lists are
Being annoying
Taking forever to get ready (but only to an event)

Thing is, even if I was high maintenance, I can maintain myself. I've never needed a guy to get me make up, to go shopping with me, to buy me nice things, or wait around while I get ready. I go shopping only in the summer, which would be evident from the amount of holes in my clothes. 
Even IF I was high maintenance, it would not affect anyone but me. I've never chosen anyone based on money or looks (unless you look like the elephant man, then I might be a bit put off).
So I'm gonna say- fuck you. I'm not high maintenance. In fact, I'm pretty low maintenance. I'm quite content with everything.

Now while I'm on the topic of choosing people, someone I was talking to awhile ago said something that rather bothered me, but since it wasn't his main point, I ignored it.
And you know exactly who you are, you who said this.
"you weren't interested in guys like me. course you weren't. **** sorta proved that"
This bothered me. You know why? Because I don't go for people depending on their overall "essence". If I don't like Z's friend, doesn't mean I can't like Z. (Z being a random person). 
You see people, I don't have a type I go for. I don't even have standards. I can't say my dream person is so and so, or that I usually go for guys that are so and so.
If I like someone, I like them because of they way they are. Sometimes they're a dick, sometimes they're the shyest kid I know, but they're all real

Anyway, my little rant is over.

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  1. "I have problems but I love me". Best title ever.