Sunday, 2 May 2010

Lena Palladina

When I left America I left behind a couple of things. I left behind lots of pennies. I think there was about $3 worth of pennies scattered around my floor. I left a bar of soap, and half a bottle of shampoo. It was herbal essences. I paid a lot for that.
I left a bloody good pair of shoes in the trash behind my house. I left a pink dustbin also. In fact, I left a white tub of paint and a lot of hairpins.

I left my AP History course, and Physics. I'm glad about that though, since both were kicking my arse. I left all them teachers.
I also left a lot people. I left people I wish I knew better. I left people I'd never met but wish I had. I didn't leave much memories because I didn't really live in America. I left people I was familiar with, or people I could call friends.
But there's one person I left behind who wasn't just a friend. It's like we both watched each other morph into what we are today, or what we were 4 months ago. It took a year and a half and we both started as the 2 new foreign girls with short hair, weird clothes and random conversations. We were shy and both scared and excited to be at Eastlake, a huge school with not-so-good of a rep among the other schools.
It worked.
I can safely say I've learned more about myself with this girl in these one and a half years than I have in my whole life.
We went through the clingy friendships with third wheels, whom we managed to dump on the side of the road as we speeded by. We went through the guys, those who were hot, those who were nice, those who were dicks, and those who were gay... or bi, should I say?

I miss the Wednesdays.
And I miss your sporadic hating and loving of my family. I even miss our fucking mood swings. I miss your mum. And Kaisa. Or is it Kaysa? Kajsa? You Russians spell things funny.
I miss ridiculous random fits of laughter, and I miss praying to the virgin mary and looking at a field of cunts.
I fucking miss you.

Please come visit. I promise I'll introduce you to all the cute guys.
Love you.


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