Monday, 10 May 2010

Horns of the Altar

Horns of the Altar is a collaboration book planned by myself and the honourable Tyne Muilerman.
It is truly a revolutionary piece of literature, written from the perspective of humans who have not been enslaved by the devil himself, also known as "God".
Many have praised it as a true revelation, and thank the authors for guiding them away from the harmful path of Satan and into the intellectual light, back into the sanity of humanity.
Finally the cryptic issue of violence following those of faith has been solved, as well as the strange behaviour they are overcome by when attending their sacred rituals. No longer is rape and paedophilia among those of faith trivial; greed and jealousy now have an origin. Those of faith are simply possessed by that which they fear, the devil. We must steer away from any religion, of any cult devoting themselves to a supreme being other than themselves and their families and friends.
Rid yourself of the devil.
And get our book.


  1. Oh my. You guys published a book? That's awesome! :O

  2. Haha, no I wish.
    It's just a plan.