Saturday, 8 May 2010

I am hypocrite

The universe is expanding. All those little particles, and those great clusters of stars are constantly moving away from the origin. That's kind of how our beliefs are going.
We began as simpletons with our own little ideas that everyone more or less accepted. Fire is magic. The sun moves up and down. Waves are caused by giant sea monsters throwing the water around.

Then we start moving on to different ideas. We figure out that the fire is a form of energy, etc. Waves are caused by the magnetic field of the moon (you're free to correct me, I'm not looking into this), and the sun doesn't move, the Earth does.

We end up with people who are moving further and further away from each other. We get religious extremists, just those who are religious, those who don't give a shit, those who listen to scientific theories and wait for them to be proven, those who believe scientific theories the moment they are pronounced... there's a whole spectrum.
But I've met very few people who truly don't give a shit. We have people on both sides of the spectrum, but not many in the middle.
In other words, we have those who look for proof in mathematics and science, and then we have those who listen to imaginary people. No offence intended to anyone.

I stuck Jesus up there (capitalised only because it is a first name), not because I'm only talking about christians here, I mean everyone (except maybe buddhists, because like Alex said, they're not exactly a religion. It's more a set of values that a group of people believe in but that's a completely different area), now where was I?
I stuck Jesus up there because I'm a hypocrite.
Most of you know I'm a pretty strong atheist (atheist being: not believing in the existence of any deity, NOT "satanist" or "hater of those who are religious"). Yet at the moment I'm doing volunteer work at the Finnish Mariners Church... thing. Finsekerk, or Suomen Merimieskirkko.

I think it's quite funny.
I scrub floors and doors and window sills, and sweep porches for them for no pay.
Well, almost. I don't think of it as the church, but more as the Finn-House which is the part where they sell all sort of Finnish things.

But I do need my CAS hours. So like a true atheist, I'm only using them anyway.
Though I have to say, everyone there is really, very nice. If it wasn't a religious organisation I could almost say I really like it there.
Kind of makes me understand the appeal in churches, and other such places.

I'm going to leave you at that.
You don't give a shit anyway.

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