Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Extracts from unrealistic dialogues.

This is a short dialogue between a male and a female. Age and looks you may go about deciding yourself.

Boy: You never talk to me about yourself.
Girl: You never ask about me.
Boy: Will you talk to me about yourself?
Girl: No.
Boy: You asked me to ask you.
Girl: I know, but I don't want to tell you. I don't want to you to think about who I was or who I wanted to be.
Boy: It doesn't matter, I want you as you are.
Girl: Thank you.
Boy: Who were you and who did you want to be?
Girl: I was lost and I wanted to be found.
Boy: I've found you.
Girl: Thank you.
Boy: Do you still think you're lost?
Girl: Sometimes.
Boy: Maybe being lost is better. Being lost, in love and beautiful.
Girl: Did you just call me beautiful?
Boy: Yes.
Girl: Thank you.
Boy: Do you always reply with thank you?
Girl: Yes, I'm sorry.
Boy: Do you apologise for no reason?
Girl: Yes, I'm sorry.
Boy: If I tell you I love you, will you thank me?
Girl: Yes.
Boy: I love you.
Girl: Thank you.

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