Monday, 5 April 2010

coffee shop mistake

Today my parents were in town, and whenever they're in town they go and have a cup of coffee. However, being new to the country and lacking the osmotic mind of a curious and immoral teenager, they had no idea that a coffee shop is not a coffee shop, but is more like a marijuana cafe.
So there's my parents, stepping into a coffee shop, thinking it really is a coffee shop, and stumbling out with bitter expressions, commenting in disgust at the despicable habits of these people. Druggies! All of them, crack'eads! (I don't think they know the difference between pot and crack..).Well, at least they don't do it on the streets, they conclude. If only they knew.
They come home, telling me this amusing story and I ask what the name of the coffee shop is (by mistake, I didn't realise what I'd asked until 2 seconds after), but luckily they'd forgotten, and didn't find my question out of place.
Yeah, if only they knew.

I thought it was pretty funny though.


  1. this would be a very bad time to show your parents you're blog.

  2. i think any time would be a bad time to show my parents my blog.
    or facebook.
    or formspring.
    or computer.