Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Na na na

These past few days I've had absolutely nothing to write about. I still don't have anything to write about, at all.
It's starting to get warm here in Holland, the hub of modern Europe, according to my awesome hippie-esque ex-art teacher. What I really love about Holland is that there is so much art here. Anyone who even remotely knows me, knows I'm not just a regular nerd, I am specifically an art nerd.

I can go see old art, modern art, but most of all my ultimate passion... buildings. Well not my ultimate passion, but something I really like, is buildings. My favourite type are really old buildings, such as those found in Aantwerpen, Belgium. Rotterdam is more modern architecture, which is something I also love. The reason as to why most of the buildings here in Rotterdam are newer than expected is because the whole city was raped by Nazis in the second world war. Okay no, not literally raped you dirty, disgusting perverts.
Just bombed to the fucking floor.

My favourite buildings here are the World Trade Centre, this unknown building behind the boat, this part here, which is right behind my house and I love it. There's other ones too but I can't find them on the site I'm looking at.
However, there's also this bridge, the Erasmus bridge, which is right outside my house. (All pics from same artist, who is not me, btw).
Yeah, long story short, I like this city.

Here's a really awesome photographer I just found.

Anyway, what else today? Family guy marathons, funfunfun.
Hitler's birthday is coming up. Funfunfun.

Kay forum, I'm out.

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