Sunday, 18 April 2010

What I don't give a fuck about, and you should not either

When I say not giving a fuck, I mean literally, not giving a FUCK. This means not hating on him because that means you give enough of a fuck to actually listen to him, look at him, and judge him. It's much easier to just dismiss him. Thing is, actually making an effort to diss Justin Bieber makes it seem as if you care enough to diss him, meaning you care, leading me to the conclusion that either you're a closet fan, or fucking jealous.

Same as for Bieber. Though I have to say some of Cyrus's comments are pretty fucking hilarious, so I do watch some of her interviews for the lulz.

See above.

 This is in my opinion one of the dumbest things people give a fuck about. What makes it worse is when girls make a bigger deal out of it. I mean, I understand the whole purity thing to a certain extent. I completely understand not having sex until you fall in love/care enough about that person/are mature enough/insert good reason here, but I really don't understand people being shocked or surprised over it. I especially don't understand people being raged over it. But I'll leave this here. Questions?

Really? Watching Gossip Girl does not make anyone any lamer, or cooler. Same with America's Next Top Model, Skins, Chuck, House MD, Hannah fucking Montana, etc. It doesn't define you, it defines what entertains us.



I was going to add more, but I couldn't be bothered. This is what happens when you don't care, you forget what you don't care about.

An average person gives 60% too much of a fuck.


  1. I hope this is written tongue-in-cheek.

    Considering you just cared enough about people caring, to make a blog post about it. If people giving a fuck didn't bother you, you wouldn't make a post about it. So essentially you too give a fuck.

    With that little fact said, it's perfectly natural to give a fuck, let things bother you and to lash out at them. It's called being human. Apathy is for emos.

  2. A lot of people who hate Hannah Montana and all them just do it for the laughs.

    It's also because of Tall Poppy Syndrome. Most people who "hate" Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are from their generation. I guess it just kinda reminds people of how successful certain people can be while some of us are just sitting on our arses studying to get into uni, to get a job, be in some relationship and then finally to die knowing that our names will never make it into Wikipedia unless we do it ourselves/be remembered 100 years from now.

  3. It wasn't written tongue in cheek, it was written because I'm tired of people, say on FB etc. make lame hate groups for them people and then say they don't give a shit.
    It irritates me, haha.

    Snowman, you're absolutely right. Like I said, it's either jealousy (of many things, looks, lifestyle, wealth, etc.). or they're a fan in the closet..